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From the explosive energy of dance, to the drama and laughter of theater, to the spine-tingling emotional directness of music, the performing arts are among the most positive and compelling of human endeavors.

My goal is to capture the essence of a performance and connect with the moments that define a performer and his or her art.

I strive for the kind of collaboration between artists - the performer and the photographer - that results in something more than just a record of what happens on the stage, on location or in a studio.

These galleries present some of the photos and videos culled from the best shots from the hundreds of magical performances that I have had the privilege to photograph & video.

JUST UPDATED!! NEWEST PHOTOS, VIDEOS & MUSIC ! Hot off the cameras, fretboards and keyboards 8/22/15

DANCEWworks 2015 updated 9/17/15 Check it out.

DON'T MISS! ROLLY's PLACE Cards, Photos & Video featuring the WonderCorgi. Coming soon - Paco's!!

MUSICAL HAIKUS Acoustic & electric, scattered about the site, composed & played by yours truly. New music just posted 8/22/15 on the NEWEST page slideshow.

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"David Bazemore is simply the best! He captures shots that, year after year, take my breath away. He has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. This is amazing when you consider that he is not shooting staged pictures, he is shooting performances while they are in progress, and managing to keep abreast of, and tell, the whole story! David Bazemore makes me look very good at what I do!" _ Actor, Playwright & Director Emma-Jane Huerta